Wednesday, April 9, 2014

{Giveaway} Simple Parenting & Play Planner

Today I have a giveaway for you! Melitsa from Raising Playful Tots is here to tell you about it!


Hello everyone!

Thanks Amy for letting me come on over to your place and share this new tool to help families and mothers have the play and family time they want.

It’s Melitsa from the podcast, Raising Playful Tots, and Amy got a sneak peak at the first edition of the Simple Parenting and Play Planner. We’re offering this as a drawing today ( and other days read on to find out more)

Some days playtime and family time happens smoothly and easily. Many times though we’re miss doing the things we’d dreamed of or were inspired to do because we didn’t decide WHEN we would do them. It became….sometime….someday. We plan for many things but often play and our family activities gets missed off the list.

Tired of the conversation with my son- How was your day ? and his natural one word response I knew I needed to do better in the questioning department. As a family we wanted better deeper conversations. After a time I came up with a master list of questions that I can glance at before we do the pick up and have a fresh question to ask that we can start a conversation ( That’s inside the planner by the way)

Simple Parenting and Play Planner banner 300x.jpg

Started last year this is the first edition of the digital Simple Parenting and Play Planner. Here to support families get the play and family time THEY want.

Would you like a chance to win one?

Here’s what you do: :  Simply enter a comment on this post telling your favorite planning tip for family fun. 

The giveaway will run from TODAY until April 16

With the winner announced here on April 16th!

 Learn more about the planner, or to go ahead an purchase one, get all the details -→Simple Parenting and Play Planner and don’t forget to come back and add in
your entry to enter the drawing.

Mark your calendars and remember to also stop by for more chances to win.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

{Giveaway} Season's Eatings

I have a sweet giveaway for you today! 

A spot in the upcoming Season's Eatings Spring session (a $49 value, starting May 5th). 

Leah is one of the many people I have met online who is doing such creative work while pursuing big dreams of helping people enjoy and beautify their lives. If you are looking for ways to revamp your family meals and get the kids involved - this course is for you!

To enter, just leave a comment with your favorite family super (and an email to contact you if you win) Good luck! I'll pick a winner at the end of the week.

More from Leah....

You know deep inside of yourself that food and mealtimes could be a source of ease, love, joy, and pleasure. But with toys and mail covering the dining table, dishes you serve over and over again that leave you feeling uninspired (hello pasta with red sauce, anyone?) and countless family activities competing for your attention, those dreamy mealtimes are, well, dreams.

Do you feel like your family dinner routine could use a little burst of inspiration?

SE_Sleeves_Cooking_Together_TextThis is what we do in season’s eatings ~ explore and practice an attitude towards food and family dinner time that celebrates the simple pleasures of cooking and eating together with the ones we love.
SE_Collage_Joy_GreensFor two weeks, we’ll take a tour of all four seasons, exploring the cooking techniques that fit just right for the time of the year. We’ll talk about how to get grounded and centered so you can truly enjoy feeding and nourishing yourself and your family.
I believe that cooking can be a source of joy, fun, and connection in our lives. I know how good it feels to have a repertoire of delicious dinners you can whip together to feed a few or a crowd. And I believe that one of the secrets to enjoyable family dinners is to include everyone, especially the kids, in the preparations, rituals, and routines of the evening meal.
SE_Text_familydinnerIn season’s eatings, we explore together how to create the kind of meals, routines, and rituals that can bring this vision to life. I believe that teaching our children how to cook alongside us helps them grow in so many ways. They love being trusted to try new tasks and they flourish when they are invited to take on new responsibilities.
Over the course of this two-week journey, we will explore recipes for healthy meals that are made from whole food ingredients. The dishes are simple and I share ideas for how to assign some of the preparation tasks to any co-chefs, whether they be children, partners, friends, or neighbors. The cooking methods are straight-forward and can be prepared with basic kitchen equipment you are likely to already have in your cupboards.
  • Twelve emails from me, three for each of the seasons
  • Four printable cookbooks, one for each season, yours to keep and work from forever
  • Exploration of cooking techniques and philosophy to create a connected, seasonal kitchen
  • Several pretty, printable cooking charts to bring more ease to your dinner routine
  • A dozen printable dinner-table conversation starters for each season
  • Connection in an online circle with like-minded mamas and caregivers
  • Live conversations with me in our private Facebook group
  • Other surprises and goodies as we go along together

You can think of me as your seasonal dinner doula, right there to support and inspire you to connect with yourself and your family in the kitchen and around the dinner table.

I am passionate about helping people connect with their intentions and their intuitions in the everyday moments. The kitchen can be a place to practice joy, gratitude, and peace. And the family dinner table can be a source of fun and connection with the ones you love most. I love what the gorgeous souls who have taken this journey before shared with me:


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{giveaway} Deeply Rooted with Stephanie

I have a brilliant giveaway for you today. Stephanie Perkinson has offered a spot in her upcoming Spring cleanse, Deeply Rooted (a $49 value!) beginning April 21st to one Mama Scout reader!
If ever there was a winter you wanted to cleanse from your system, this last one was a doozy. 
I have taken several courses with Stephanie in the past and I love her content, her voice, her recipes and her visual esthetic. Her online spaces are such a calm retreat. 
To enter, please leave a comment (and a way to contact you - or be sure to check back) answering the following...

What do I want to release this spring?

I will pick a winner after this weekend! Good luck!


_______________________from Stephanie's sales page:___________________________

As the seasons change so do the needs of our precious bodies.
The Spring Cleanse is a gentle, 10 day food-based cleanse designed to support, instead of shock your body into detoxification. This completely redesigned program is perfect for beginners and seasoned cleansers alike.
The purpose of cleansing in the Spring is to detoxify and revitalize the liver and send support to the gallbladder. Cleansing now can help you bring your body back into balance &  let go of all the toxins that have accumulated over Winter. 
Cleansing is also a time to listen closely to our bodies. Perhaps yours has been giving you clues that have been hard to decipher.  I will show you how to release common offending foods out of your diet and how to add them back in to see if there are any sensitivities or shifts that need to be made. You will learn to feed your body what it truly craves in order to live radiantly.
Deeply Rooted is about getting back in touch with our seasonal selves and to taste the bounty of what the winter has to offer both on our plates and in our lives. It’s about rooting deep into ourselves in order to sway with Mother Nature’s dance. If you are a woman who is looking to get back into rhythm with her body and soul, this cleanse is for you. 
Some signs you might need to detox:
  • Headaches
  • Backaches
  • Bloating
  • Brain-fog
  • Anxiety
  • Extra weight
  • Low Energy
  • Weak stress control
  • Low immunity
  • Yeast infections
  • Low sex drive
  • Acne
  • Digestive Problems
If the sound of a cleanse feels off-putting, take comfort in knowing you are in good hands. I have helped many women deeply root into themselves through the cleansing process. There are so many benefits to reap when you treat your body to deeply healing foods, luxurious and simple self-care practices and positive thoughts. Glowing skin, a boost of energy, better sleep and increased mental clarity are all just the tip of the iceberg. Cleansing with me isn’t something you have to “get through”, every step of the way is beautiful and filled with tons of support.

 This cleanse eliminates: Gluten, dairy, all meat except seafood, alcohol, coffee and refined sugars for 10 days.
I am highly skilled in the kitchen and have developed an immense menu, full of delicious dishes for all times of the day. I am passionate about making healing food taste amazing, never bland or boring. Many of my past cleanse participants are surprised at how tasty cleansing can be and don’t even miss the foods we are eliminating.

 Dishes like Strawberry-Rhubarb Breakfast Bowls, Thai Asparugus Soup and Smokey Grilled Shrimp with Ramps will leave you feeling deeply nourished and satisfied.
You will experience clean, refreshing flavors from foods like fresh greens, peas, garlic scapes and pungent herbs on the menu as well. These beautiful and delicious foods created specifically for the Spring Cleanse, send targeted support to the very organs that need it most. They will help to gently flush your body of built up toxins leaving you glowing from the inside out.
My cleanses are never about fasting, restriction or feeling hungry all day long. I’ll show you how to take away without feeling restricted and add back in, in a way that allows you to get the answers you seek. This is self-care in one of it’s highest forms.

  What you will receive during this cleanse:
~ A welcome letter and downloadable Field Guide explaining the process, how to ready your home and an outline of what your rhythm will be for the next 10 days.
~ A beautiful and extensive cookbook full of delicious recipes that will keep you radiant and rooted from sun up until sun down.
~Entrance into the Deeply Rooted Society. A sacred space to connect with kindred spirits if it calls to you. A place to seek support and answers from your circle and your guide (thats me!).
~ 10 Gorgeous emails straight to your inbox every morning. Full of support, encouragement and a dash of storytelling.
~ Simple and easy to incorporate tips on how to love your body up off the plate. 
Your Welcome letter, Field Guide and Cookbook will arrive in your inbox on Friday, April 18th in order to shop and prepare over the weekend. We begin to cleanse our bodies for 10 sacred days, Monday April 21st until April 30th.
 Spring is offering her embrace and transformation is afoot.
Come and join the Spring circle on April 21st.

Monday, March 31, 2014

{Wellness Challenge} drink more water

Hello! Did you know I run a free Facebook Wellness Tribe?

Each month we work on a wellness challenge and use a secret group to share, hold ourselves accountable and support each other. It is one of the happiest and most positive spaces online!

This month we are going to work on drinking more water. We did this last year and the results were pretty amazing. Just by upping your water intake you might loose weight, cure headaches, sleep better, think better, get rid of aches and pains.... It is really simple and much easier to work on with a group.

So, set your goal and hop over to the group where we will be sharing recipes, articles, gear and more!

Joining is a 2 step process since this group is "secret."

First, "like" Mama Scout here.

Then, drop me a message that you would like to join and I will add you in!

That's it!

I can not wait to drink myself well this month!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The winner of two spots for dream lab is.....

Click over to my FB page here to see the dreamy video Melanie made to announce the winner. Thanks Melanie and thanks all who entered. Keep an eye here and on FB as there might be some more fun before Dream Lab. Or just go ahead and sign up here. You know you want to!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

{Flash Giveaway} Dream Lab

This is fun! A past Dream Lab participant and friend has offered to sponsor a giveaway for one spot in the upcoming Dream Lab. To make it even cooler, I am going to throw in a spot!

Yep, two people are getting in for free!

If you want to try for a spot all you have to do is share a person you would nominate to be a part of Dream Lab, (and let us know why they are so awesome) in the comments below. We are paying it foreword and paying it forward (kind of like the insane giving train I was in at the Starbucks drive through the other day - they were up to 4 or 5 cars who kept passing on the free coffee)

At the end of the weekend, we will pull a name and both you and your nominee will be granted a space. Whoo!

A huge thanks to Melanie for suggesting and sponsoring this! She is one of the most intelligent and compassionate women I have met online and lucky us - she will be in the lab sharing her wisdom and keen insight! She also blogs here, so send her some love!

Enter to win for yourself, pay it forward by singing a friends praises, and let's get going making dreams happen!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Dream Lab} getting what you want

In just a few weeks, the latest session of Dream Lab begins. It is a 10 day lab full of all the inspirations, tricks and camaraderie I have to help you move forward in the creation of the life you dream of.

The life you wake up to happily each morning.

My labs are a bit different from many other online labs out there. I create the space for you to discover the way back to yourself in a method that connects to your creative voice.  I  guide you in creating your own journalling practice (not downloading or copying mine) on your terms.

What I do give you is a piece of my heart. Essays from my life. And prompts that are fun but hopefully challenging too. I want to crack your world open just a bit in a few short weeks. The support of the group is tremendous and I am there the whole time. When I am leading a lab, I read every single comment and respond. I am with you. I have taken so many online classes where the content is great but the "leader" is not present at all. This is not that type of class.

I am truly there during the lab because I am dreaming along side of you. We are in a caravan together. And you know how when people travel together they end up becoming good friend fast? Well, that happens in the labs.  Many of the relationships in my labs carry on outside of the labs with women creating their own groups and meeting up in real life. There are similar interests, introductions and connections that are passed along;  real connections have been born through these online gatherings.

In pursuit of my own dreams, I take classes all the time (writing, art, skills). I am taking a pretty intense marketing and business class right now. My big dream is to make enough extra money to travel more with my family. I really want to spend 3-6  months on the road. But, I do not want to get creepy about making money online. I have to craft it all myself (for now, maybe I will change someday). I have yet to hire anyone to snazzy my stuff up. I refuse to automate the social media landscape. I can sense when bloggers are using tricks to get clicks and I am trying hard to do it differently.

I recently conducted a survey to learn about my strengths. Specifically, I wanted to see if my perceived strengths were what my readers and labbers felt too. Talk about feeling vulnerable. I hate asking anyone to take the time to help me, and to give me compliments no less! It was like I was fishing around. Blech! Hard, hard hard! But, I did it. I am all about getting out of my comfort zone, so this qualified big time.

Guess what? A ton of people helped me out! And there was a big concinsious . Most people found me to be creative and curious, honest and open, and a great connecter (of people and ideas to each other). AHHHH! These are the things that are most important to me. So, I got a little boost knowing that I am on the right track.

In Dream Lab we will do the work together, push ourselves, take big (and tiny) steps, get uncomfortable, comfort and support each other and have fun. The class is a powerful 10 days - but that is just the beginning. The value is unbeatable. And if you join us, you will be too!

You can get the magic here.

Wonderful lab for guiding your future path. Snap it up if you have the chance. -Sarah


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