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I am Amy. Mom to 3 free kids in a sunny peninsula known for its beaches, a certain rodent and juicy oranges. We love traveling, reading, making things, playing, animals, adventuring, nature, movies, music ….. pretty much everything. My husband is a musician, ice cream maker and huge supporter of all the craziness dreamed up here while he is earning the dough.

I started mama merit badges when I was stunned by the lack of applause after I took my 3 under 4 year old kids to do monthly grocery shopping. No seriously, I thought people in the parking lot would look at me, nodding their head in admiration. They were not. So, I got creative.

Mama Scout celebrates passionate, creative family living through posts showcasing open-ended play and projects, stellar resources, weird ideas, and gentle encouragements to slow down and embrace the ordinary. 


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