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Friday, March 27, 2015

{its here!} family journal jam 2015!

I had so much fun doing this last summer - we are doing it again! 

With all new prompts and inspirations! 

Plus a new zine full of additional ideas of things kids can do!

The details:

What is this?

This is a summer long journal/art/exploration lab for families. The lab will run from June through July, 2015.
Family Journal Jam will give you a daily jumping off point for exploring and creating a journaling practice with your children. 

As a creative homeschooling mom, many of the ideas for this lab were germinated at my own kitchen table along side my children. By meeting yourself on the page each morning (or evening) you create a mental space for reflection, remembrance and idea incubation. Extending this gift to children when they are young is one of the best gifts you can hand them. 

Kids can write, draw, or dictate to you their reactions to the prompts. Some are meant for personal reflections, some are pure fun and imagination building, and some explore new techniques for expressing ideas with language.

These are not writing and grammar lessons, although I do believe that a consistent practice will yield big improvement in writing by the end of the summer. Plus, what a record and keepsake you will have! 

What do you get when you join?

You will receive:
+ a special Mama Scout Summer Zine in the mail (approximately a week before the lab begins). 

+ weekday journal prompts for the kitchen table (these are short, open ended and meant for both kids and adults) 

+ a vibrant Facebook community where kids can post their work to share and I will link up to additional unique projects from the Mama Scout archives

+ weekly giveaways (because I love real mail and giveaways so much!)

+ suggestions for 2 bigger summer long family projects

+ an optional penpal exchange program

What is this NOT?

This is not a lab full of art journal techniques or tutorials on how to complete narrowly defined projects. My interest in always in the disruption of default thinking and the process of explorations. This extends to children and children's creative work. 

Who is this for?

The short answer is, this is for anyone who will be around kids this summer. 

But really, it is for:

- parents who are seeking ways to integrate their own creative work with their children's

- homeschool parents who want to instill the joy of writing this summer with their kids

- parents of school children who are looking for ways to encourage creative thinking that are not tied to grades or outcomes

- families who want a free form summer with a touchstone routine based in creative expression

- families who want to connect with other families around the world 

- families who are looking for alternatives to classes and camps 

- parents who want to slow down time and get to know their kids on a whole new level

- parents who believe in kids' voices and ideas and right to express themselves

- you and your kids!

Sign up here!

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