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Saturday, May 18, 2013

letter writing

I am enjoying writing dispatches and mailing them to a few dozen women all over the world.
Something has been sparked - I have an idea! Just wait till I get back!

Lock you up with my love

A wonderful picnic, row boat ride complete with swans flying overhead, and hike around the outside of the property through the most verdant and dreamy country side.... and still I have yet to go inside the chateau.

I have been to Versailles at least four times and can never tear myself from the grounds to wait in line to see the interior!

But look at these pictures and tell me if you can blame me!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

project googly eye bombing

At the urging of some of my Book About Me lab participants - we have been eye bombing the Paris Metro.

This is a super fun, kid-friendly public art project! If you try it, share your images - they are hilarious!

Monday, May 6, 2013

the extraordinary ordinary

Boat rides, book stores, baguettes, balloons from kind old people, feeding pigeons, and getting lost to find new secret places are some of the best things about here.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Bonjour Paris

We made it. An uneventful plane and shuttle ride and nearly 24 hours of being awake and we are here!

The kids wanted to re-enact the Paris arrival scene in Funny Face - but only succeeded in making sure to say "bonjour Paree!!" as we exited the plane.

The weather is amazing, flowers are everywhere, we are eating our fill of horse meat (not really) and the kids slept a full 12 hours (unheard of) and woke up to Tom and Jerry in French.

This is my fifth stay of a month or longer and as always, we find the French people to be very kind and helpful. The stereotype has never proven true to be. Whether it is help with luggage, directions, or how to use our new European chipped credit card, help is always available.

A late walk to the Eiffel Tower and a macaron from Le Notre made our first day really special.

If you have any suggestions of something off the beaten track to do in Paris, leave a comment! We are hitting some big sites for the kids, but really love slow travel.

A bientot...


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