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Friday, February 28, 2014

{march wellness challenge} i am so lucky...

The March wellness challenge is UP! In honor of Saint Patrick's Day and 4 leaf clovers, the daily prompt is

I am so lucky.....

Each day, head to the FB group and declare what good in your life is just plain lucky!

This is similar to our gratitude challenge a few months ago, but I feel like by using the word "luck" there is a different vibe. We are not just being reverential and humble in our gratitude, but acknowledging the pure luck of the draw. Sometimes, things are really great because we work hard and manifest our dreams. But sometimes, we are just lucky. You might even scratch your head and wonder how you ended up in a sparkly rainbow. Luck my friend!

Luck is playful and silly. It is like God winking and throwing you a dandelion to blow and whispering,  "make a wish!"

You might even find yourself trying to pass on some good luck to others.... leaving the front row parking space open for someone else, putting a quarter in the gum machine slot, you get the idea...

The FB group is always free! You can join here.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

the rink of my busy life {and i miss you little blog}

i feel like this space has been so neglected.

there are loads of drafts sitting in my queue ready to clean up and post : maybe some of those will eek themselves out to the world in the upcoming months.

where have I been?

Book About Me Lab - next one will probably be this fall
Mama Scout Wellness Challenge Group
The Mama Scout Book Club

^^^^ have all kept me busy with my limited computer time

in real life...

taxes and audits (bleh!)
surgeries and deaths
birthdays and skate park dates
social outings and classes galore
swim team, gymnastics, books clubs and as much hiking as I can try to get in

i have read about the "cult of busy" and how easy it is to fall prey. but i am not sure if i can get off this rink...3 kids and 2 parents with lots of interests and energy just make for a busy life.

but busy in the best way(s) possible.

in a few days i will announce the next wellness challenge and should have some fun lab announcements soon.

feel free to drop a line or comment on what you are up to. and meet up with me on FB



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