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Friday, November 24, 2017

Holiday Lab 2017 (+ a coupon)

Holiday Lab starts December 1st! It is 10 days of ideas, disruptions, and permissions to create the holiday season that works for you. No excuses. 

You want to make all sorts of handmade gifts? Great. 

Want to buy presents at big box stores? Awesome! 

Trees? Live, fake or a ficus? It is all perfect! 

There is no right way to "perform" the season other than the way that promotes the connections that you are seeking. 

I have partnered with Merrick Weaver in the new online platform (megaphone) called Binderful. Binderful is a collection of women who teach, lead, inspire on a variety of topics - including homemaking, healing with plants, cooking, creative living, sexual health and more. The idea is that Binderful is a one-stop shop for gaining access to diverse voices in affordable, easily digestible classes and experiences. 

Holiday Lab is the inaugural class being offered through this new platform. It is a start, a soft opening for what I hope will become a radical resource for better. If you want to join the lab and support this endeavor - just click on the photo above. Use the code mamascout for $15 off. 

xo, amy


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