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Friday, January 8, 2016

Book About Me ----> last call

Through list making, memory mining, visual map making and attentive looking, we will clear the path back to who we are, noticing how we have changed and plotting who we want to be. 

A Book About Me  is one of the most powerful labs I lead. There is not a session where tears are not shed, a deep connection with another is made and some disturbing and delightful moments of personal awakening reverberate through the group. It is a safe place and if fully (or even partially) engaged in, can help you change course or tack back to where you drifted from.

For 6 weeks, I will be in your mailbox nearly everyday. Sharing some stories from my life and asking you some questions about yours. I will also challenge or dare you to try a few new things to loosen your mind to your tale. It is all creative and can be as deep or carousal-fun as you want.  Each weekend, our special contributor, Melanie Levy, will be sharing wisdom from her herbal kitchen to support you more. You will leave the lab with a messy journalling practice and an ability to connect with plant medicine - both will help you heal and nurture yourself and your family.

This lab is a permission slip. A permission to think and write about who you are, from the minutia to the grand. You can write in scribbles, lists or poetry. There is no form - just the thin thread from you to the page. We are messy in this lab and real and diverse. This is not art journalling or linear story telling. We are constantly spiraling in and out of memory, story and experience. 

Last summer, I wrote about my lost skin biopsy. "Placed in a jar of rheumy liquid, floating like a little island. A little island sliced from my face and send on a grand tour of self-discovery. A few weeks later the doctor calls to tell me to come back; she has to talk to me. My skin island was lost. It took off and no one had heard from it. It feels like a transgression, like a robbery of self. I wonder way too much about where this little biological bit of me ended up."

The snapshots of thoughts and tales we will record in our journals or audio files feels akin to these little islands (although not so gruesome, well, maybe...). We will deconstruct our story in pieces and begin to see them in anew in their extrication. 

This is the deadline to register.

If you want to be a part of the crucible and the tribe, you can read more here


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