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Sunday, December 13, 2015

{exciting!} a new teacher and herbal component added to BAM

I have enlisted the amazingness that is Melanie Levy to add a component to A Book About Me that I have been thinking about since the beginning. 
This session of BAM will have a mini-lab on herbs and easy ways to use them to support your health and spirit as you do this deep work. 
During the week we will talk about writing, memoir, journaling, trying new things, remembering, bearing witness and recording the mess of it all. 
Each weekend you will get a special lab with information and an actionable step you can take as you explore your inner kitchen alchemist! Topics include: intro to herbs, tinctures, teas, salves, syrups, and oils. This is a fascinating area of study that can become a cornerstone in your family's wellness. 
Melanie is a wise, engaged and funny teacher. I was able to be in one of her sessions a few months ago and the class could not get enough - of the content and her easy manner. She leaves her students feeling empowered and ready to start their own journey and course of study. 
I am beyond excited to expand BAM into a bigger vision that will help spark creativity, heal the soul, and embolden each participant to step into their own power. 
Join us! 
{this is the perfect gift to yourself! imagine reconnecting to your self after the holidays...}

Join here.

(I met Melanie in person a few years ago in DC and several times since. The friendships and connections that can made in intentional and thoughtful online groups is real, so real.)

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