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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

choosing & reacting during times of chaos

My husband had a big chunk of time off recently and we have been much busier than we expected.

Thanksgiving came, my brother moved out of state, my old dog had surgery (and has cancer), I ran two e-Labs and started writing a new one, I was interviewed on the radio (you can listen here - I am episode 60), and we got chickens. 

One day we actually had 9 separate errands/appointments. 

That is typically not how we do things. 

We love the slow and deliberate. 

But amazingly, our family did not become stressed or spin out of control in a frenzy trying to keep up. 

Maybe we are learning the lessons we keep close to our hearts and scribble late at nights into our journals. Maybe.

We took deep breaths and plodded through what had to be done and sloughed off what suddenly became less important. 

A saving grace (always) was to schedule long afternoons in the woods (between all those appointments). The kind of afternoons where you lay in the grass napping and then get up and try doing circus tricks, or quietly make little museums from the debris you find scattered around. 

We also straightened up the nature table which is full of items that reflect our current interest in birds. Florida is a wonderful place to be a bird watcher and we are learning about new waterfowl as they arrive on holiday at our nearby lake. 

This month was a wonderful reminder to me, especially as I was leading the first session of the holiday e-Lab (all about creating your life and experiences with intention). 

We can not always anticpate what is around the corner. 

All the best, most orchestrated plans can blow away in an instant. And frequently, they do.

What I can control is my breath, the steadiness of my step, my ability to choose my reaction along with a big dose of humor and grace. 

How do you find calm in the midst of sudden chaos?

I am offering one more session of the Holiday e-Lab. You can sign up here

We will share ideas of simplifying, setting intentions, dealing with negative people, traditions, decorations, food and more. 

This lab is meant to help you find the answers to create the holiday that you want. It is not too late!

Oh, and the Facebook group is full of ideas and support too!


  1. So true, Amy. As I sit in my parents' home, I choose how I react to the crazy path our life is leading. We may return to DC; we may not. It is all an adventure and my attitude in it all is the most powerful.

  2. I have found too that being outside has become crucial to my own sense of calm and centeredness...I've been dragging the kids to the park as dusk nears and it is beyond chilly, just to get some essential fresh air! :)

    So glad you've been handling all of this so well!


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