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Monday, November 26, 2012

a quiet hello

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and filling. The season is here and I want to be present. I am being called to the forest and the waterways of Florida. While in other parts of the country, people are cozy-ing in and trying to stay warm, we are outside as much as possible, just looking at the light and the migratory bird that visit us each winter. We see and learn about a new one each day. 

It is actually overwhelming how beautiful it is now. 

So, this space will reflect my slight and temporary departure from here as I venture out. I will check in with the photos that I am making and a few words. I also have a few reviews to post this month. 

I am linking up lots of good gift ideas on Facebook. Make sure you "like" Mama Scout and then choose to follow my feed, otherwise you will miss the majority of what I post over there. 

And!! I am offering another session of the Holiday e-Lab starting December 1st. Please think about joining. If you do nothing but read the daily emails, I know you will dig it and I am certain it will give you many ideas to think about this season. You will also get to join the secret Facebook group where lots of good discussion and ideas are happening. 

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