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Monday, May 26, 2014

{monday mission} buy cool postage stamps

I love sending mail and have been working on ways to incorporate it more into my labs and other online projects. Something tangible, send through space, seems extra special these days when every experience seems so digitalized.

So, this week, I ask you to head over to the United States Postal Services website (here) and order some stamps. They have a really amazing selection, much larger than most local post offices;  you will yearn to write and send handwritten coorespondance like it is the 19th century.

The USPS offers stamps with flowers, artists, dancers, political activists, musicians, writers, patriotic themes, and more. Think of the interesting meta dialogues you can start in the upper right hand corner of your envelopes!


  1. Just got our summer manifesto package! Very excited about starting things next week. :-)

  2. LOVED the stamps you used on the Summer Family Jam package! :)


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