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Monday, May 5, 2014

{monday mission} pack your dishes up!

It has been a while since we have done a Monday Mission, and I have a good one for you today!

How about, just as an experiment, packing up most of your dishes? Seriously. What would it be like it every one had a bowl, a plate, and a cup and not too much more? There would be a whole lot less dish washing for one. 

Don't go crazy. Don't give them all away. No, just pack them up and put them in a closet or your garage until the end of summer. And then reevaluate. 

We have tried this and are ready to pack up even more. In the quest for simple and slow, this is a super easy place to start. 

Let me know what you think in the comments (and share a picture if you try this!)


  1. I've thought of doing this. It would be nice to have cabinets so clear, and fewer dishes to wash. Maybe we will give it a try... xo

  2. Do you not use a dishwasher then? Perhaps your family is large enough (or you have a small enough dishwasher) that you can set it off after each meal. And what do you do when you have guests? We have to pull out the best china when visitors call -- at least it's out of the way everyday, though..

  3. Clare - I wash up by hand (we are 5 and I do not like my dishwasher). I have read about true minimalists who ask guests to bring a plate and silverware. While that seems weird - I kind of like it. We have done that for potlucks where we did not want to have a bunch of garbage from paper and it worked great. I have also heard that is what they used to do at church dinners - you would bring your own cutlery.

    we have enough plates and cups for guests and our entertaining is pretty casual now - so i do not need tons of dishes. i have enough out that we can accommodate people. BUT i want to only have 5 of each thing with in easy reach for a while and see how that works.

    1. Our dishwasher has spoiled our glasses and our cutlery and most of our pyrex bowls. I'm not a fan, but mealtimes are such a circus with two tinies that handwashing would push me over the edge just now. And what about using eating bowls for serving and storage? Our cereal bowls often end up in the fridge with a spoonful of something saved for supper, or I use them to serve a salad if the colours appeal (we're a bit miss-matched here). Side plates get used as lids for pyrex bowls, too. Or do you use your mason jars for that? I should make more use of my jam jar stash in this direction, I think.

  4. Amy, We did this a couple weeks ago! It has been awesome. Fewer dishes to (hand) wash, less mess in the cupboards... It also makes more space for all the canning jars that are emptying quickly in this last month or so before canning season starts again....
    I'm trying to get rid of stuff all over the house, and this has been one step along the way that has really really helped! Thank you for sharing this idea!


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