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Monday, October 3, 2011

awesome monday (and a GREAT resource)

inspired by my recent favorite quote 

I had this huge weird wall space in between two bookcases in my office. I wanted something big, graphic and inspiring (and not from Ikea). I also wanted it to be fast, cheap and easy.  I learned about The Rasterbator on Abbey Goes Design Scouting and it was the answer! I had just made the quote design for a smaller print and then uploaded it to the Rasterbator and within seconds I was able to print out 40 sheets that I could glue together into this huge poster. You can fool around with size and the number of pages you want to print on. It reminds me of the low tech posters we printed out 20 years ago on a dot matrix printer and would then piece together. And best of all, if I get tired of it, I can make another. 

We already have ideas of a huge beetle for my sons room. And what about printing on fabric and sewing together?

If you already know about this (and I am sure you do), feel free to chuckle to yourself. I feel like I am finding a new resource or inspiration everyday. If you have used it - please share your project or other ideas on how to use the program.

*There is another program called Block Posters that does the same thing but without all the dots. I have not  tried it, but it looks great too.


  1. Cool Amy! I love the way that looks on your wall! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That looks amazing. What is the story behind why you chose those words?

  3. This quote is all over pinterest right now. it is from the tv show _how i met your mother_ which i have never even seen. i just like the reminder to consciously change your frame of mind when you are down. sometimes that is all it takes.


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