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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Action Pack

Get Action Pack - Craft and Creative Activities for Kids 7+

Have you seen and read Action Pack?


It is exactly what I would love to create (if I were at all able to write a hip e magazine with activities for kids that appeals to both kids and grown ups). I have been a big fan of Whip Up for years, so my adoration of this magazine is no surprise. The activities range from scientific to arty to just really useful stuff any cool kid would need to know. There is no advertising - just straight, great content.

I printed out and devoured all 60 pages of issue 4 in preparation for a camping trip. My family has camped alot, so I was amazed to see so many inspiring new ideas. We made an anemometer and weather vane to track the weather on our island, and will be making a fish trap as well as some camp scones. The utility belt is pretty awesome too - all I need is a stud kit and I am gold.

I am big into supporting creative moms' projects and this is a good one! Order a copy for you or your kid. A few copies printed out in a binder would make an awesome present for any child and would provide the recipient with so much more exploratory playtime than any mall toy ever could.

from the action pack website
Our philosophy
- We see kids as competent, creative and capable people.
- We believe that our kids are resourceful and clever and we try to enable them to develop their independence and creative minds within a secure and nurturing environment.
- We see learning opportunities everywhere. Learning should and can be fun.
- But we also know that parents are busy and cannot realistically be spending all weekend ‘playing’ with their kids.
- We want kids to get off the couch, away from the computer and learn the value and fun in making and doing stuff.

disclosure: i signed up to be an affiliate for action pack. i have never done this before and the only reason i chose to this time was because of the fervent love affair i am having with the magazine. i truly believe this is an amazing product. 

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