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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

make fairy hoax photos

Inspired by the wonderful movie Fairy Tale: A True Story, we headed to the woods to make our own hoax photographs. These were really fun and I think we will do it again (and again).

We started by taking photos at home in front of a brightly back lit curtain, so that we basically had dark silhouettes. The kids really enjoyed thinking of different, plausible fairy poses. 

Next, we printed them on card stock and cut them out, leaving a tiny bit of white around the edges (the idea was that this would make them sorta glow in the photograph). We taped a skewer to the back, so that we could stick them into the ground. 

Then, we headed to the forest to make fairy houses. After each home was complete, we stuck the photos in the ground creating scenarios. We then took loads of photos. We were going for an ethereal aesthetic - a little misty and and in some cases with just a hint of something supernatural happening in the margins. 

We are thinking about using these images to write fake newspaper pages about fairy sightings and then leaving them at the same nature center where we started these hi jinx. 


  1. So fun! The third one is my favorite. The "glow" technique worked really well in that one.

    Making fairy houses is one of my favorite things to do with kids.

  2. Fun project! When I was little, I had a Book of Fairies that was similar. I loved it.

  3. So freaking cool. I can't wait until my little one is old enough to get into a project like this. Okay, I can wait, he's already growing up way too fast!


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