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Monday, March 4, 2013

monday mission :: host a pop up picnic

A pop up picnic is one of the simplest way to gather your people. A day or two before the magical evening, send invite to everyone you know who is local. No trying to figure out who would make a good mix  - invite them all. And ask them to invite all their people. 

Pick a public setting and ask everyone to bring something to share. 

That is it. 

Whomever shows up will be the exact people needed to make the party the best. 

Try it out once a month or so starting this week. 


  1. First of all, I want to devour all of those pizzas right this minute. I love this idea so much I can't even believe it- It's completely the only way I would 'entertain'. I hate planning and stressing and trying to figure out a bunch of things, so I will most definitely be doing this. But not until it's a bit warmer here; I don't think my peeps would enjoy a snow picnic.

  2. Too chilly here for a pop-up picnic this week. But, oh my, I cannot WAIT to do this come spring. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  3. this will be such fun in the spring and summer! in the meantime, i'll do this with the kids...perhaps having a picnic in different parts of the house. We've covered the family room. Maybe we'll rotate between bedrooms :)


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