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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{mama prompt} :: bury that garbage

an occasional series of quick journal and creative prompts just for mamas

write down 5 self defeating things you say to yourself. bury the paper in the garden so it can transform into something useful and beautiful.

a tune for you, guess what we are studying right now?


  1. perfect prompt. Why do we seem to hang onto those things, yet let the positives fly away in the wind.

  2. We have 8+ inches of snow on the ground. I'll write my list and burn it in my 'worry dish,' and spread it in the garden...once we melt :) great prompt!

  3. great prompt... I've been thinking about doing this with some fears I've had brewing. and as I'm gathering materials for a "hot compost" pile, I've been thinking about doing the same with a bunch of old bills/documents I no longer want or need - shredding them and turning them into something to help new seeds grow! :-)

    thanks for the push to make this happen.


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