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Monday, March 25, 2013

Some links for you (or I am too tired to pull together a better post)

Good Monday morning! I hope your weekend was great. I have no Monday Mission to share today, because quite frankly I am just trying to stay afloat! We have been so busy around here. A rental fiasco, birthday planning, Easter planning, room rearranging, guest posting, chicken escapes, late night owl fights and homeschooling! Whew!

I thought I would share some links with you instead.

Do not forget to enter my fabulous giveaway this week!

I had an article published in this cool gardening magazine.

Loving these weekly creative prompts.

So angered by this.

Bought my daughter this graphic novel for her birthday.

Bought myself this.

Charmed by this dream catcher garland.

Was blown away by this documentary about educator Albert Cullum.

Saw Leonard Cohen this week and loved it. Check him out if he comes near you. 79 and still going strong!

Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen on Grooveshark

What have you been recently inspired by?

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