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Saturday, August 3, 2013

how to write yourself back

Good day! As summer comes to a close here (and I assume where you are), I wanted to check in and let you know that I am running my A Book About Me e-lab in just a few weeks. This lab is full of daily, personal essays, prompts, creative challenges and more. It is packed with content.

Perhaps, the best part is the group work we do in a secret little cozy FB nook (in my mind there are pillows, candles, tea and wine). When the stories are shared and HEARD, the most amazing connections and healing happen. I will not lie. The first two times I led this class I ended many days in tears. Not because of the sadness but just the enormity of the shared, common experience of being a woman and mama. It becomes so apparent quickly that you are me and I am you. We are the same. And we need to protect and nurture each other. Both classes spawned breakout groups and the community continues.

As many of you know, I really stepped back after I returned from Paris this summer. What was supposed to be a fact finding mission ended up being a deeply, provoking time. I returned with more questions than I ever had before! So, I got quiet and read. I read some Whitman, some Steinbeck, a book about a woman who fled to the sea, some beautiful children's novels and even delved into some math and physics. And I wrote. And wrote and wrote.

I am more convinced than ever that writing (not good writing, just writing) is the way to make a map. You can write yourself out of anything. You can connect with your deeper self and maybe even other guides through writing. Writing can become the dowsing rod to your core. You can remember and celebrate and mourn. All through writing.

If you are feeling lost, maybe like you have just opened your eyes after a long nap, and you are ready to get back to yourself, this is the lab for you. You will laugh, cry, connect and be reintroduced to someone you might have missed. And to be honest, we need you. We need to your story and your voice in this class. 

You can read more and sign up here.


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