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Saturday, August 31, 2013

{Wellness Challenge} :: Learn Something New Everyday

I really loved last month's gratitude challenge! I think the group participants did too. We not only benefited from feeling and sharing the things we were thankful each day BUT we also got to reap joy from the other shares. It was a month full of noticing the littlest things and celebrating some really big things (death, cancer, near misses). We will do this again as a group, I am certain.

But, this month, we will change gears a bit. We will still being looking close at our lives and environment. This time for what we learn each day. As an un/homeschooling mama, I am very aware that we are all learning all the time. I journal these things, take photos, discuss nonstop, and pose and answer questions all day. Even on days when it seems like not much is happening, if I stop and think for just a bit, I am usually blown away at what we have learned. It ranges from academic knowledge to how to do something to peeks into our own self knowledge.

I challenge you to post with us each day at least one thing you have learned. It can be quirky or poignant. Frivolous or frightening.

Anything goes!

Learned a new word? a hack? a bit of history? Share it with us!

And encourage your kids to participate too. This could be the dinner topic each night or a journalling prompt. Keep the juices flowing and and be attentive to all that you are learning.

And please do post, it is so much more fun that way.

You can join the free Facebook group here. (That is where everything happens).


Please leave a comment! I love to hear from you!


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