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Sunday, August 18, 2013

{make} :: your own merit badges

My daughter recently ran her own fashion camp for her friends. Kids came over for a few hours for three days and she led them through a variety of activities. They drew, did bleach art on t-shirts, painted jeans, decorated sunglasses, turned old t-shirts into bags and my favorite project : they made merit badges to decorate their clothes. They made badges for things they loved to do, family members and just for the joy of design. They were simple and can be adapted in so many ways. 

This is the most simple method I came up with. I have seen some beautiful, more elaborate badges, but for a group of kids with limited time, this worked really well.

First, we traced and cut out circles of a heavy cotton/canvas material. I used Fray Block on the edges to keep the little strings under control. We then cut out slightly larger circles in rainbow colors of felt.

Kids decorated the cotton with Sharpie Markers (you could also sew or use fabric paint) and then we used fabric glue to adhere them to the felt.

Lastly, we hot glued a pin to the back. You can also sew these onto bags or clothes.

These would make cute or funny gifts or better yet, what about assembling a little kit of all the supplies and cut out circles and giving that as a gift?


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  1. Great idea and kudos to your daughter for her camp

  2. I agree with Heather--what a neat thing for your daughter to do for her friends!

  3. Wow! All I could think when reading this was "of course her daughter would come up with such a cool, creative, crafty idea like a camp for friends...she's been watching her Mama!"

    Bravo to your sweet girl, and love the homemade merit badges!


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