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Monday, January 6, 2014

{Monday Mission} an hour for you

I have not posted Monday Missions in a while; I think I will remedy that this year.

To start off, how about something for you?

RIGHT NOW, look at your calendar and schedule one hour to do something that you love but do not do nearly enough.

Go for a walk alone.

Head out to the library/book shop and b r o w s e ........

Call a friend you have missed.

Take a Yoga class.

Read in the tub while everyone else does the grocery shopping.

Sneak away into the attack and look in old boxes.

Read your old journals.

Stroll the plant shop and buy $5 worth of something green and pretty.

Look at fabric and pattern books.

Go to the shooting range (I have not done this as I am not into guns, but I think it might be really fun).

What else?

Make it happen! NO ONE else will do this for you. Schedule and then share your activity.

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