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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

{life lab} the chore wheel

I hate chore charts and reward systems. I do not believe that I should pay the kids to help out in their own house and luckily they are very willing to help when I ask - but it takes too much nagging energy to keep up with 3 kids, a stupidly huge old house, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 5 mice, 4 chickens, a crab and fish etc... you get the idea. 

We have tried several things and nothing works or feels right for very long. The best approach we have come up with is the chore wheel. On it, I have listed the very minimum of daily maintenance chores that need to be done. Each kid has a clothes pin that rotates around the wheel each day. The idea is that we work on these chores first thing in the morning before we go anywhere or start working on other projects. 

Things get tricky around here because we have a very full (+fun) schedule. If we can keep these basics going as habit we are never with out clothes or come home to a completely trashed kitchen. Of course, some days it does not all happen because we are rushed out the door and might not come home until evening. That is ok. It is a guideline. 

My kids get do pocket money just for being a part of the family. I also offer them ways to earn extra money here and there with extra jobs (cleaning out the silverware drawer etc.) And sometimes they just have to help clean all day. 

The chore wheel changes every now and then but it has served as a great visual and hands-on tool for helping us all keep a home care rhythm. 

I would love to hear about how your family shares the work load. Leave a message in the comments...

(a picture of our command station in progress. we have a calendar, our family values, the chore wheel, a season wheel, a family portrait and a bit of mail art from a friend. sometimes my to-do list is on post it notes on the wall too. i like that because it feels good to take them down and toss them when i am done). in the same room we have a chalk board wall and a big cork board.)


  1. I love the orange you have on the wall! It makes for a wonderful and cheerful command central! I had an orange wall in my old house that I loved...but haven't found a good spot for one here...

  2. I agree with children getting pocket money without it being connected to chores. But sometimes to get them to do things is hard without nagging for ages. I haven't found a really good way yet but I find steady repetition gets them to do things.
    Pre-teen bedrooms though... no clue what to do about these.


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