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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{january wellness challenge} I dream...

The January Mama Scout Wellness Challenge is....

A daily check in with our dreams.

I finished up the Dream Lab a few months ago and the next one has been planned here.

The big takeaway from the last dream lab? By simply voicing our dreams and crazy notions - we often put the ball in motion.

Daring to utter the words...I dream of.... can kick start the magic like nothing else. And to do so in a group of positive co-dreamers magnifies the power, the connection and the possibilities.

Let's get small. The tiniest dreams deserve a bit of attention....what are yours? I would like to drink my coffee when it is still warm and maybe have the floors cleared of animal hair.

And, let's get audacious. Big, unruly dreams that are scary to say out loud. Shout them to this group of strangers and friends from around the world.

Give them voice.

Set them free.

Cast them like seeds into the minds of other dreamers.

If nothing else, you can state your one sticky dream We don't care and will join the chorus and sing your words with you.

Remember, this whole project takes place on Facebook. The group is here and it is all free.

(and i have to say, this group has grown into a very safe, uplifting place. we only offer each other encouragement, kind words and any relevant resources. if you could use a dose of that sort of connection - join us.)

You are invited to dream with us!

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