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Monday, June 13, 2011

prairie girl

My grandma recently made this sweet prairie dress for my daughter. I took them out for a lunch of onion soup and then to the fabric store to choose the pattern, material, and notions. When the dress was finished, Eva gushed to me, "oh, it is so amazing, it is as good as something you would buy in a store!" She might have been commenting on the sad quality of most of the sewing that goes on around here.

You could never buy something so special in a store.

She wore it to her American Girl (Kirsten) program at the local library which my grandma attended with her. On the meeting day, Eva was surprised by a matching doll dress and was beside herself with excitement and pride. Such a great day for two special ladies with over 70 years between them!

Does your child have a special bond with an older person? Please share...


  1. LaRue did a great job! Eva looks adorable!
    Life would not be the same without my mom around here. Jesse wakes up some mornings and says "I want to play with grandma today". I love that she is so fun with them!

  2. gorgeous. and lucky.

    reminds me of how i used to make my Mom pretend I was Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was little.


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