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Monday, June 27, 2011

box wine sangria

This is my super easy recipe for back porch summer time yum.  The more the fruit macerates the better! If the fruit is not super juicy, you can also add a cup of orange juice, which lightens the whole thing up.


  1. Do you have a white wine sangria recipe or do you think it woudl be an easy swap? I know red is traditional...

  2. no, i do not, but i would assume it is similar. i keys are wine, liquor, fruit and fruit juice. and the proportions and flavors are all up to you!

  3. Mmmm, this sounds perfect right about now. We has some sangria this weekend and I have been thinking of it ever since!! Thank you!!!

  4. this looks soooo perfect for a late afternoon porch sit!!!

  5. yum! this looks delicious. i love sangria and need to make an excuse to make a batch soon. yay for the 4th of july coming up!

  6. love love love sangria! there is this guy we like here in texas, jerry jeff walker, he sings a song called sangria wine. it's the best! good drinking song :-)


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