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Monday, December 5, 2011

gift guide - 5 year old boy

Do you have all your holiday shopping done yet? I am getting there. This week I am sharing some things that I am either giving my kids or have given in the past. Most of them come with a pretty strong endorsement. Since I have three, really specific kids, the lists are geared towards them. 

Please share your additional suggestions in the comments!

The 5 year old boy that this list is geared to is an amazingly kind and loving kid, who is equally comfortable mock battling all day with his older brother in dirt holes as he is taking ballet and performing dances with his older sister. 

When I look at him, I hear the Walt Whitman line,"... I am large, I contain multitudes."

So here is the list for a fun loving, active and imaginative boy.

Fun Hats. My son love dress up stuff and cool clothes. He will love this hat from team sanchez. I swapped with her and have already received the hat. I love it! It is very well made.

Shadow puppets. I have a set of these from Owly Shadow Puppets and they are really gorgeous. They are laser cut from a plastic material, so will withstand many, many shows. A sheet, flashlight and a few of these and you are on your way to the theatre!

Paper Balloons. These are so great for stockings and Christmas cards. They fold up flat and then you blow them up through a little hole. If they deflate, you can just blow them up again. My kids have had so much fun with these over the years. You can get them at Pearl River and Amazon. The animals shapes are always a hit!

Fisherman Pants. These are some of the most comfortable pants for active kids. My son loves to wear them to play in, and they always make it into costume play. They are impossible to outgrow - they just seem to get shorter. You can buy them here

Wooden Sword. We actually bought these at a medieval festival but you can also get them here. They are one of the most consistently played with toys around here. My kids spent a lot of time decorating and painting their swords. We used hammered metal spray paint for the blade and a color with lots of jewels on the hilt. They are wielded on top of picnic tables, up and down stairs and all throughout the house. 

Make a Fort Kit. I have seen this all over the internet and think my 5 year old would love it. The original idea came from here. She has lots of versions you can make - from mini to deluxe kits. 

My Fathers's Dragon. If you do not have this book in your library already, you will want to get it. The short trilogy has just enough real adventure to ignite imagination, but not give nightmares. The tale is about a boy (Elmer Elevator) who saves a baby dragon and then helps save his family. The dangers are real, but easily overcome by a smart boy with things like pink lollypops, hair ribbons and a toothbrush. SO great for five year olds. 


  1. I LOVED My Father's Dragon when I was little--it was one of my mom's favorites to read to me. All the rest of your recommendations look awesome, as usual!

  2. Ooh, I'm always looking for good suggestions. thank you!

  3. What fun ideas you are sharing! This time of year is such a joy to figure out just what might be special gifts and surprises for unique kids!

    Our gift post will have to wait until Santa delivers them! ;)


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