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Monday, December 12, 2011

gift guide - 9 year old girl

Well, I am back after an unplanned hiatus. Life is too busy this time of year!

Here is my last gift guide. This one is for a 9 year old girl. This girl is into art, dolls, ballet, theatre, competitive swimming, and all sort of tiny things. She is pretty awesome and these are some things she will love.

I can not wait to give her this Leafcutter Designs tiny post office kit! She is going to flip! From the tiny newspaper to wrap gifts in to the tiny envelopes - jeez, this was made for my daughter.

The only way I can tell my daughter from any other swimmer is because she wears this swim cap. It is cute - and there are others too, like a shark. She usually gets a new one at her birthday and Christmas.

Black Apple's Paper Dolls Primer. This gorgeous paper doll book is full of dolls, clothes and ideas for things like armoires and theaters! The only problem is that it is so cool my daughter refuses to cut it up. It is suggested that you color copy sections or buy another copy - because you will want to both play and have a full copy to browse.

My daughter usually gets a tote of some sort each year. This year, to complement her burgeoning guitar playing, this is the one. At only $13, it is a deal!

In the past I have purchases kits to paint your own mastroyka dolls off Etsy. But it is really easy to make your own. Just grab one of these doll sets at Hobby Lobby and package up with some either sharpies and watercolors or acrylics and you are good to go. This makes a great stocking stuffer!

Kiki Magazine is a very cool magazine for girls that covers fashion with an emphasis on how-to's, designer biographies and interesting articles about the business side of the fashion industry. It is something that I often grab to read too. I highly recommend this magazine over any other commercial magazines. With no advertising, the content remains rich and in-depth.

We are big Enid Blyton fans, and this kid has blown through several of series (The Wishing Chair and Fairway Tree), so next up is the Naughtiest Girl Collection.  Fingers crossed that it is as good as the others.

So, what are you getting for your nine year old?

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  1. My 9 yo daughter did one of those doll sets from Hobby Lobby earlier this year and really liked it. DH is getting her an MP3 player. I'm not really ready to jump into all the tech gadgets for the kids, but he's into that kind of thing and wants to share with his kids I guess. I got her a felt project book, some felt, modeling beeswax, and a butterfly video that looked pretty cool. She's my artsy one.
    It looks like your 7yo son is a lot like my 7yo son - into the sciencey stuff. he would love that fossil bag. He's getting an Amazon video, a rainforest book that comes with little cardboard animals, K'nex bridge kit, rainforest story cd's, and army guys. My dad bought them both real rifles last year, but he keeps them at his house. it's a good grandpa/grandkids thing.


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