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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

make monogrammed mugs

We are on the monogramed mug bandwagon. We used Design Mom's tutorial here.  These are so simple! Basically, you use transfer paper to copy the outline of the letter and then use a porcelain paint pin to trace and fill in. Ours will go in the oven tomorrow for a bit and then they are done (and the smears will be gone). My 9yo daughter helped do these with no problem, so you can get the kids involved. And you easily have enough time to get some made before the holidays, so get crack-a-lackin'.

Of course, as in every craft we do, soon we were experimenting and drawing pictures and quotes and designs.... The possibilities for these cool paint pens are endless.

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  1. those mugs look great! i think this is something i need to do with my family too :)


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