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Friday, December 16, 2011

be a circus star

My five year old has been working for two days nonstop on his tightrope walking skills. He excitedly told me that his dad can now retire, as he will be a circus star. And apparently we will not have to celebrate Christmas anymore, because everyday will be like Christmas - we will be rich with all his circus money. People might even pay up to $6 to see him! My only requirement is that I buy him some new rope every once in awhile. 

My take away from this: 

Rope is a top tier kids toy.

Our collection of velour body suits are still essential and in daily use (after years).

I feed off of this kid energy like the guy in The City of Lost Children.

I love kid initiated projects -  all this took was rope and several days at home. Time and space are two of the things kids need the most. They are free, but seem so hard to provide sometimes. 

We have watched Man on a Wire and are planning to check out the Sailor Circus later this month. Do you have any great kids' circus resources?


  1. Ha! That's awesome! I love that sweet naivety of children, thinking that all those coins in the piggy bank make them millionaires! If only! :-)

  2. I adore him! $6 whole bucks! Must be quite the act!


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