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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bug art

Imagine my surprise, when I stumbled onto this really wonderful art exhbit at our local science museum.
Jennifer Angus transforms real bugs into elaborate wallpaper like designs and arranges them in weird doll house scenes where power dynamics are subverted.   The viewer has to get close to really see what is going on and then immediately gets sucked into this other world.

Many of the non-bug features of the diormamas are nautural materials like beeswax or leaves.

How brillant is this? If you love creepy, Victorian/Gothic design, this show is for you. What kid (or very cool adult) does not like a big goliath beetle locking up humans in a chicken coop?

If you have bug fanatics in your house, check out her work.  And then get ready to find shoebox scenes with cockroaches in your dining room.

This show is headed to the Craft and Folk Art Museum in LA at the end of May.

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