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Thursday, April 14, 2011

back porch pizza

This is one of the ways we use up our veggies! We pre-grill/roast a ton of stuff up and store it in the fridge all week to add to pizza, sandwiches, omelets/frittatas, and salads. The pre-grilling not only takes the extra moisture out of the vegetables - but makes their flavor stronger, richer, and sweeter. So, everything you use them for will be that much better.

We have recently converted from cooking in our gas oven at super high temperatures to the outdoor gas grill. It is AMAZING! You might have to fool around with your grill to get it just right, but when you is magic! We put our stone directly on the grill and heat up all four gas jets as high as they will go for 5-10 minutes, then turn the middle two (that are directly under the stone) down to low and keep the outside ones on high. Pizza cooks in about 7 minutes and your house is not heated up. This will be my lunch all summer!

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