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Monday, April 18, 2011

nightstand reading

I love looking on people's nightstands to see what they are reading. I am always reading several books at once, so my stack usually has a bit of everything. I can not offer reviews, because I have not finished any of them yet. I read a bit of whatever I am need of each evening.

Freeing Your Child From Anxiety by Tamar Chansky

I have a child with a very active imagination and this book offers some ideas and coucil to help kids wrestle in that wonderful brain. Balloon breathing alone made the book worth it for us.

The School of Essential Ingredients by Erica Bauermeister

I read about this book on another blog and then found a copy at the library sale. It must be meant for me to read. Being that I love food and to cook, I think this will be a quick and enjoyable escape.

Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein

I am reading this for my book club. I probably will wish I had this a few years earlier when the princess thing was more topical in my house. It is especially interesting for my group as we live in central Florida, which is knee deep in princesses and a certain rodent. We go to Disney alot and are always greeted with icky voiced service workers, "welcome Princess..." My daughter just rolls her eyes. And my goodness, you should see the poor girls that are wearing hot, synthetic princess outfits, plastic high heels and big glittery hair extensions. They looks like prisoners in plastic - not princesses.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

A friend lent this to me. I am only about 150 pages into and have no sympathy or interest in the characters. I am going to try to tough it out, but right now it is not speaking to me. I am assured there is some redemption at the end.

Timeshifting  by Stephan Rechtschaffen

Who does not need more time? I feel like I have culled my life responsibilities down to the minimum and I still need more time. This book helps change perspective and offers some ideas for making time expand! A nice read.

If You Are Trying to Teach Kids How To Write, You Gotta Have This Book by Marjorie Frank
Because we homeschool, I am always reading something like this to get ideas or different perspectives. This book is pretty good because it emphasizes the relationship between the "teacher" and child. And there are many activities to encourage writing that are pulled from the real world, or are things that kids love to do already. A fun reference book.

So, what is on your nightstand?


  1. I am further than you in Freedom (around pg 360), and I still feel nothing for the characters. I will keep toughing it out.

    Currently I have on the bedside table:
    Women Who Run with Wolves
    Radical Homemakers
    Backyard Homestead
    The Dirty Life
    Ape House

  2. oh, several of these are on my wish list. too bad we can trade. i am esp interested in the dirty life and radical homemakers.


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