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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

make a circle calendar

My kids (and I) have a hard time with keeping up with the months of the year. This problem is compounded by several aspects of our life: we live in Florida where the seasons are not nearly as pronounced as out northern neighbors, we have a ever changing schedule with homeschool activities varying from week to week, and my husband works odd hours. So, while we have a monthy calendar that we all refer to daily, the yearly rhythm eludes us. 

When I saw this artistic version of a circle calendar by Craft Knife, I knew we would all have fun making it our own version. We had already made a circle multiplication chart which were really successful. 

Using a plate, we traced a big circle onto some thick watercolor paper. We then drew the smaller circle and divided the whole thing into fourths. Then we added lines to make each quadrant  have space for three months. 

We added the seasons and the months. Everything was done with sharpie markers so we could watercolor the final design and the lines would not run. 

The very best part for each kid was deciding how they wanted to represent each month using holidays, birthdays and the color they associated with the month. 

 They each turned out stunningly colorful and are such a great reminder of the abundance of fun we have to look forward to each month. We have them hanging around the house in different rooms and they have already been referred to when a kid was trying to figure out how many more months until swim class.


  1. And you watercolored it--you lived my dream!

  2. I LOVE this idea! I am excited to try it. Thanks for the how-to and inspiration!

  3. Very cool, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. This is brilliant! (don't you just LOVE craftknife? always so inspiring). I am going to try and modify this for my younger guy - he is SO interested in seasons and time. thanks! Sharing and pining!

  5. I love this! I've been trying to figure out how to teach months and seasons to my 3 year old. We've made a weather calendar in the past wihch worked really well as a teaching aid. I think this idea will be perfect for the seasons. Thanks for the inspiration. Pinned and shared on my fb wall :)

  6. This is smart AND fun! I just love how the circle shows how everything moves around and is connected.

  7. Brilliant. Thank you for sharing at the Weekly Kids Co-op.


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