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Thursday, April 12, 2012

merit badges tale :: Amie

This tale of things not going exactly as you plan comes from Amie in Austraila. Amie blogs about parenting life with twins, toddlers and a teenager here! Can you imagine? 

Our twins have slept in our room from the day they came home from the hospital. At eight months of age my twin boy began to realise that his Mummy was 'on-tap'. Once he realised this he would wake, crawl to the bars closest to my side of the bed and 'growl' until I woke up. He would then smile, sit-up and wait for me to pick him up. After this happened a couple of times I thought "Uh-oh, there's a habit forming here". It was time to move them into a bedroom with their 25 month old brother. We spent a whole weekend dismantling cots, moving furniture and reorganising a bedroom to fit all three children into. The first night went wonderfully well. We staggered the bedtime and all slept through until the morning. Perfect! The next night we did the same, but this time the 25 month old decided to do some cot hopping. We had a Port-a-cot in our bedroom just in case something like this happened...six months later our now 31 month old son is still in that Port-a-cot, in our bedroom. We basically swapped the twins for our toddler!

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