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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{book review} Wolf Story by William McCleery

Wolf Story, written by William McCleery in 1947, was a gift for my 6 year old son, but we were all delighted as we read it aloud. 

The premise of the book is so simple; a boy and his father are creating an ongoing story  about a wolf who is trying to get a hen named Rainbow. Cunning problem solving and humorous word play keep the story moving along.

If your family loves telling stories and creating characters, you will recognize the situations and minor annoyances as the father indicates he is ready to move on from the wolf story, but the boy keeps re-envisioning it.

We were able to read it in 2 nights and all 3 of my kids enjoyed it. This would be a perfect gift for a young boy (maybe with a stuffed wolf or chicken?). In fact, it will go out as a gift several times from our family this year.

By the way, are you familiar with the New York Review Children's Collection? We have many books from this publisher and they are all great. 

If you love vintage kid's lit, I urge you to check out their offerings.

What books were a hit at your house this holiday season?


  1. We were lucky, there were 20+ books under our tree this year. Favourites so far are "Play all day" "build a robot with your dad" "entertaining science experiments with every day objects" and the last two David Walliams books. With so many gifted books, you can pretty much guarantee that someone is reading at all times. Either that, or making Lego or building matchbox theatres (from the small object" and fantastic!

    1. i would love everything under your tree! sounds like my kind of holiday!

  2. I love the illustrations from that era, reminds me of a perennial favorite author of ours, Robert Mccloskey. Will definitely check this one out!

    1. we are more drawn to older books too. usually from the early to mid 20th century. this is such a cute one. if you have younger kids, we are really in love with the cat club books from the same publisher. i will review those soon too. really funny.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. We love books. This year there weren't as many under the tree - more puzzles and games. Off to the library today to snatch this one up.


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