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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 things about me

I am taking an online blogging course with Susannah Conway and one of our assignments this week is to write and post a list of 10 things our readers might not know about us.

So, here it goes....

1. I once travelled to NYC for New Year's Eve on a whim. Just jumped on a plane with no hotel or arrangements. Stumbled around, trying to stay in 24 hour diners eating mashed potatoes, until finally giving in and finding what must have been the last (and nastiest) hotel room in the city.

2. All my (huge) children were born via c-section, while most of my friends had midwife or home births. And I am okay with that.

3. I watched the police shoot over 50 rounds into an apartment across from my backyard, killing a young man. I then had to go give a statement in which the police tried to get me to corroborate with the story they were creating to protect themselves.

4. I can easily and gleefully eat an entire container of sprinkles.

5.  I wrote and taught a class in Paris for my university's art department. It was a dream come true. (The subject was American expatriate artists in Paris)

6. I climbed Chichen Itza (which apparently you can not do anymore).

7. I hitchhiked in the French countryside trying to find this sculpture by Tinguely. I found it. It was amazing.

8. For several years, I ran a subscription produce business with my children.

9. I used to work in a historic movie theatre. I had to hang off the marquee to change the movie titles each week and had to turn on the ghost light before scurrying out to lock up (both completely scared the crap out of me).

10. My husband and I fell in love at an underground, music venue he ran. (The kind where the beer is free but you have to buy a cup for $5.)

What is something interesting about you? Share in the comments!


  1. Love all these. You have had an interesting life! I have had two of my three babies at home - which freaks people the frak out! even more so when I tell them my smallest baby was the first at 8'14" (the other two were over 10lbs-the last almost 11). I have worked at two call centers - one trying to get alumni donations while in college and the other as a debt collector right after graduating - yeah, I was that person.

    1. everyone worked as a telemarketer in college, right?

      my babies were very similar to yours : the littlest was 8 9, the others were 10 4 and 10 13.

  2. I once won a contest at a department store, in Boston. It was at a cosmetics counter. They made us up and then they voted on who had 'the best' eyes. The prize was a gift certificate. I bought my mom underwear. Your List of 10 was inspiring. Thank you.

  3. Love these

    I dreamed about my children before they were born. I have a vomit reflex for mushrooms as a result of being forced to eat them as a child. I lived in Tokyo and had the hardest time adjusting for the first 2 weeks due to lack of personal space. I am 47 1/2 but if I could have one more baby I would. I watch its a Wonderful Life every year at Christmas and I cry every year. When my husband goes out of town, I can't sleep and get totally paranoid that something will happen to him. I have a real weakness for anything salty, especially potato chips.

  4. I love your story. And I also climbed Chichen Itza ;-)

  5. I got such pleasure from reading this post. Something about the honesty and clarity of your writing connects. Thank you. I now feel able to try it myself.

  6. I once worked as a volunteer in an eye camp in India doing cataract surgery. We did 1321 surgeries in 9 days! It was exhausting but amazingly rewarding. Loved your post! You are a brave and adventurous soul.

  7. Wow! You've had some amazing experiences!
    I absolutely hated school as a child (and ironically became an elem school teacher). In my last year of high school I actually skipped so many days that it added up to almost an entire 9 week semester of classes. However, I pulled off a 3.3 GPA. ;)

  8. I love this post! It is so nice to get a glimpse at more of a person, especially a writer that you know primarily in one way.


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