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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{wellness challenge} water :: let's connect

Well, I certainly did not expect that. The water challenge I posted yesterday had so many page views and comments (on the blog and in different FB groups). I am crazy excited that so many people want to up their water take this month. I am four days in and already feel better.

The biggest thing I have noticed is that I am not hungry at all. I have heard this is a possible side effect - and am surprised at how true it is. After a day or two of filling up, I feel sated for much of the day!

Let's keep up the momentum so we can encourage and support each other. I have created a Facebook group here. If you do not want to join up there, feel free to use the comments here to share.


How are you doing? Have you been able to get more water? Anyone close to 80oz?


  1. I'm drinking two big glasses when I wake up, and sipping out of a bottle all day that I keep topped up. Only three days in and oh my, do I need to pee a lot! Aside from that I am definitely less hungry and my skin is better....if I carry on for a month I'm assuming I will be superwoman at the end of it :)

  2. My girls and I have taken up the challenge. Two days in and we are sipping from our Ball Jars all day. I wrote a post about it and linked to you....



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