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Friday, January 4, 2013

the trouble is...

If you would like to kick start your family's creative jive - check out my family e-lab

This is the perfect time to do this - after the holidays, as we ease back into our typical routines. Kids are on the way back to school but would love to still have the connection and joy of the past month. 

This lab offers 30 days, in your email box, of labs that are filled with writing prompts and real things you can go do immediately. These are not crafts or recipes - but ideas that you might have never thought of, or have forgotten. Open ended, fun, sometimes weird....

Your kids will love you for it.

We start on Monday! 

This will be the last time I do this particular lab for a few months (at least) because I have some other things cooking! 

I can not wait to play with you!


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