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Thursday, January 31, 2013

{wellness challenge} :: clutter control

I had so much fun with last month's wellness challenge, I wanted to try another this month. The mission  for February, if you are brave, it to do some serious clutter control.

Excess stuff dominates and steals energy like nothing else, so let's clean it out. And let's make it fun and do it together!

As much as I am seduced by extreme minimalism, tiny houses, and getting down to only 100 items - that is not where my family is right now. We are 5 people who are home many days, have many interests and projects happening at all times. But, we certainly can do a sweep through the house to clear out the things we do not need anymore.

How it works::

This challenge runs in a Facebook Group. You can ask to join here. I will post a mini challenge each day this month. Ideally, these little jobs can be done in 15 minutes tops. You choose to do them or not, of course, but the real fun is when people (that is you) share your progress. Before and after photos of your space and project are completely welcome!

We can all share inspirational links, books,  and resources too. And if you are getting rid of something, you might even find a new home through our group.

So, are you in? Let's see how much stuff we can get out of our homes in the shortest month of the year!


  1. Amy, I love how you are weaving the energy from Apothecary Circle right into your work- so inspiring! The mamascout tribe is so very lucky!!

  2. this sounds like a great challenge... i am constantly over-run with clutter!
    i live with 4 other people, plus i work from home so it is easy to let it build up.
    maybe this challenge will help keep it a little more organized/de-cluttered!


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