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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Season's Eating {guest post + GIVEAWAY!}

Today I have a guest post from the fabulous Leah Cherry from Skill It. I have taken several of her Season's Eatings courses and love them! She offers yummy recipes each week, but even better - creative ways to cook and introduce the food to your children (starting with fun and easy hunts at the grocery store and farmer's market). 

If you are looking to spice up your cooking and get your kids involved, this is the perfect class for that. 

And.... I am giving away a spot in the Winter session which starts February 4th. 

Read to the bottom to enter and get a free recipe printable. 


Do you dream of a dinnertime with delicious food, smiling faces and fantastic conversations?

Isn’t it easy to lose the joy in preparing our food and bringing everyone together for family dinnertime?

Season’s Eatings is an online course that helps bring back the joy, fun, and connection around food and family dinnertime.  For the month of February, Leah Cherry of Skill It is leading the Winter session of this delicious and delightful experience.

At the heart of Season’s Eatings is delicious food. Each week you get recipes for two family dinners with step-by-step instructions and suggestions for which part your little chefs can help. In addition to the recipes, there are printable grocery shopping lists, table-setting tips, and family dinner table conversation starters. 

More than just a class, it is community that celebrates the beauty of cooking together as a family. Participants in Season’s Eatings gather and connect in a private Facebook group to ask questions, share successes, and post photos of their finished dishes. And each week you’ll hear from a featured writer who shares their thoughts and unique perspective on the joys and pleasures of the family dinner.

From wherever we happen to be, we gather at one big table, laughing, talking, and celebrating over bowls of steaming soup and plates of roasted vegetables. Bringing joy to our families, one dish, and one day, at a time.

Season’sEatings – the Winter Session – takes place from February 4th – 25th, 2013.

Leah Cherry teaches children and their families how to cook, sew, make and grow – traditional talents that remain essential for living well today. Her business, Skill It, is founded on the belief that working with your hands nourishes your spirit and connects you to family and community. Her signature online class, Season’s Eatings, is offered four times a year to create joy, fun, and connection around food and family dinner time.


What about a recipe for Nicoise Pasta Salad to get you started? 
Click here to download a taste of what's to come! 

Want to win a spot? 

Congratulations to Kristen! You are a winner!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling what your favorite family dinner is.

And if you would, click over and like Skill It on Facebook too. Tell Leah hi!

I will pick a random winner on Friday. Good luck!


  1. Oh fun, our fav family meal is grilled salmon and veggies

  2. I Love lasagna. so I've tried to make it in many different variations for my family.

  3. Yum! Our favorite family meal is our healthy mini pizzas where each person gets to put all of his or her favorite veggies on top of a whole grain crust.

  4. Ground turkey tacos wins in our home. My husband and I, as well as both my kids, love taco night!

  5. Anything pasta! I can add just about anything to it and they'll still scarf it down! My personal fave was spinach and portabello...yum!

  6. We like homemade mac & cheese night. I took this course awhile back and it was SO fun--would love to take it again!

  7. tempeh tacos, spanokopita, and zucchini or broccoli-encrusted pizza are hits around here. also breakfast for dinner :)

  8. Our/My favorite family dinnner would have to be pancakes and bacon...not because its so fabulously delicious, but because we are all eating the SAME THING! It seems such a slow road to find common ground with picky eaters...and the same (plain!) meals over and over...would love some new ideas!

  9. The smoked tortellini soup on veggie-ized with fresh bread straight out of the oven! Perfect for a cold evening.

  10. My family's favorite dinner changes as my children grow and change. Right now we really enjoy Sloppy Joes (my son loves anything on a hamburger bun...just not hamburgers). We sit at the table every night and conversations with our 3 year old and 11 month old are always entertaining.

  11. We love soup. Especially good on those cold winter nights! Lentil soup is a huge favorite of my daughter; plus we love homemade chicken noodle soup and just recently tried a friend's recipe for a potato/leek soup that was pureed. YUMMY! Thanks for giving away this course! Sounds totally in line with what I want to do more of this year!


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