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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Merit Badge Tales - Amy


For nearly six months, every poop from our son was an EXPLOSIVE poop. Out of his diaper, running down his leg and onto the floor in clumps. It was especially bad if he was in the Bjorn - something about pressure points.

The worst experience happened while we were at Target shopping and heard that familiar sound, "plop, splat!" My husband hurried out with Oliver to change him and I strolled around the store with the other kids. We finished, checked out and headed out to the car. When we got to the car it was as if some terrible struggle and abduction had occurred. There was bright yellow poop pooled by the passenger door, smeared on the car, on the dashboard and in the seat (this is the nature of breast milk poop, you know!) My son's clothes were in a pile and he and my husband were gone. A mom walked by the car as I was surveying the situation and warned her children, "watch out! Someone squirted mustard all over the ground!"

Fearing the worst, I threw my 2 kids back in the cart and began searching for the missing baby. While walking back to the store, I noticed there was a poop trail leading from the store and I began to get really nervous. I mean, good God, what had happened! Did Ollie explode and vanish into a poop realm and take my husband with him? I finally located my dazed husband wandering around the store with my naked baby and gently led him back to the car where we vowed to double up on pants or better yet, switch to a sling (preferably a water proof one).

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  1. My youngest was really bad, I had experienced projectile puking but never projectile pooping! The funniest was the day he was discharged from the hospital, my husband voulenteered to get him dressed and went to change his diaper. You would think this being our 3rd boy, my usband would have learned NOT to turn his back on a diaperless child? Not at all, he took the diaper off and turned to throw it out when the baby pooped and it ended up halfway cross the room! It got all over my husband, the floor, the bassinet, and even in the drawer under the bassinet! I finished dressing the baby and my poop covered husband left in a daze to find the nearest bathroom to clean up his shirt. Even the NICU nurses couldn't keep a straight face and said they had never seen anything like it.


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