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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pickle Jar Exchange

I have an amazing group of friends that I meet with each month for a night of creativity, conversation and laughter. Each month a different woman hosts and leads in teaching a creative skill. Usually there is some creative writing project too. 

We have candle dipped, sewn, paper mached, wove, made books, made vision boards and more. I love this night more than any other during the month and leave feeling energized and nourished. 

One recent project had everyone bringing many slips of paper with quotes, affirmations and inspiring words.

The idea came from an aunt who had a paper slip filled pickle jar sitting on her counter and used it as a go to for pick me ups. 

Feeling dejected? Go to the pickle jar! Wondering what to do? Go to the pickle jar!...... It will you give you the guidance and perspective you need.  

I love the idea and was lucky enough to find a great shaped pickle jar with a green top. I look forward to sharing it with my kids and husband as it becomes a fixture on our counter too.

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