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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Water Bottle Love

Am I so late on this? I have only discovered the wonders of the hot water bottle in the past few months. Maybe it is because I live in a horribly hot state and try to avoid all heat-y things as much as possible. Well, now I am in love. I learned about using a hot water bottle from my course work at Institute of Integrative Nutrition and this weird rubber blatter now holds a top place in our medicine cabinet. This is the one I have - you can order it for under 10 bucks on Amazon.


They are useful for aiding in digestion especially if you have had a rich or heavy meal. But they are gold for soothing kid belly aches. My kids get those nervous, kid-stress belly aches that make it hard to sleep at night. A warmed up hot water bottle sends them straight to the land of nod. I can not believe I am just now figuring this out. I have used rice bags before, but they cool off too quickly. And I am not a fan of the electric heating pads at all.

 Check out this sweet heart-shaped bottle from Victorian Trading Co.

Last night my 4 year old was up coughing all night. Every. Three. Minutes. He had that horrible, non productive, tickle-in-your-throat cough. After trying raw honey, propped up pillows, soothing drinks, and vicks on MY chest - he finally fell asleep, holding the hot water bottle to his little throbbing chest. It made him stop coughing! This is going to be my gift for new mothers for now on.

Covers can make the warmth last longer. I am going to make one from an old striped wool sweater. Check out these .....

How soft would cashmere cover like this be?

or this for a more masculine cover...

and perhaps my favorite...

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