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Friday, March 4, 2011

merit badge tales- Rachel

When my 5 year old was a newborn, I cut her thumb nail too close and it started bleeding profusely. I couldn't get it to stop so I called for my husband to get the Liquid Bandage. Keep in mind---my daughter was screaming the entire time. I held up her thumb while he dabbed on the Liquid Bandage, and I blew on it so it would dry. When I went to let go, I couldn't! My fingers were glued to her thumb! And she was still screaming. He then went to fetch some baby oil to put on our fingers to try to separate us. He put the bottle on top of her dresser while he inspected how he was going to do it. Right then, the cat jumped up, knocked the bottle of baby oil into an open drawer, and the drawer and the clothes inside got covered with it!  Eventually, he managed to separate us, but I am still paranoid about cutting the kids' nails to this day.


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