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Friday, July 6, 2012

checking in - july is starting with a bang!

How is your month going? The weather here is hot but not unbearable. The mosquitos, however, could carry you away. I am deep into my classes, which are amazing. I love working with and sharing with people all over the country. There are some seriously interesting and talented folks out there!

Art camp came and went. It was fun for everyone this year!

We bought a pressure washer and all fought over it. It is so satisfying to clean dirt from cement and brick and decks and gutters.....

 And I made a wreath, which is pretty uncharacteristic of me. 
Oh, and my kids started blogs, on this month of my blog break! Check them out and leave a comment if you would. 
They are loving the feedback!

Fashion Fools - all about art and fashion

Florida Backyard Bugs - about Florida bugs and habitat making


  1. Love these pretty bits and pieces of your summer days here. So much creativity here from both you and your children!

  2. They are too funny! I love the fake nails post (and the bit about you thinking they're tacky). Witha 2 and 4-year old in my house, it's fun to get this glimpse into the future.

  3. I love the wreath. (And that's pretty uncharacteristic of me, too.)


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