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Thursday, December 13, 2012

slow holiday

Just a few images from our house right now. We are busy, and still working on the slow, but by setting our intentions early and not over scheduling, we are able to spend more time hiking and feeding the birds, crafting and making and just hanging around. 

How are you?

Are you able to just play and hang this season? 

Is there anything on your schedule you can erase?


  1. I love love love all of those photos! And I love what you are doing to be intentional with your time. It feels that here we are making important choices and setting some limits. I've also scaled back very much on what I make for the kids (and others) this year. Even though I love the making of gifts, I don't want the time (and lack of sleep) to take away from being really present this year with my family.

    It will definitely be some hikes and out of doors time this year! :)

  2. Oh, great photos! I think you've inspired me to gather up the family for a big old walk or hike sort of thing tomorrow.


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