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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

{mama prompt} :: boob tube

an occasional series of quick journal and creative prompts just for mamas

what was your favorite television show when you were a kid? what do you remember about it?


  1. Oh gosh I liked too much television growing up as a kid. The earliest thing I can remember is the Get Along Gang, The Adventures Of The Little Koala and the Wuzzles. For the Get Along Gang I remember they were on skates. The adventures of little koala I remember a big tree. Wuzzles-I remember loving all their little wings.

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  3. MacGyver! I learned a from that series. One time me and my sisters got locked out fo the house and the first thing I did was think what MacGyver would do in a situation like that. I cannot remember anymore what I did but I know I tried many things but we eventually did get in. Or it might even be that my mom came back and we used her key. Haha! But still, the show got me thinking. =)


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