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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bonjour Paris

We made it. An uneventful plane and shuttle ride and nearly 24 hours of being awake and we are here!

The kids wanted to re-enact the Paris arrival scene in Funny Face - but only succeeded in making sure to say "bonjour Paree!!" as we exited the plane.

The weather is amazing, flowers are everywhere, we are eating our fill of horse meat (not really) and the kids slept a full 12 hours (unheard of) and woke up to Tom and Jerry in French.

This is my fifth stay of a month or longer and as always, we find the French people to be very kind and helpful. The stereotype has never proven true to be. Whether it is help with luggage, directions, or how to use our new European chipped credit card, help is always available.

A late walk to the Eiffel Tower and a macaron from Le Notre made our first day really special.

If you have any suggestions of something off the beaten track to do in Paris, leave a comment! We are hitting some big sites for the kids, but really love slow travel.

A bientot...


  1. Enjoy! Or I should say Amusez-vous bien. X

  2. Not exactly off the beaten track, but some of my favorite hours in Paris have been spent at the Marché Saint Pierre in Montmartre at 2 Rue Charles Nodier. Textile heaven. My faves are the vinyl (YES, vinyl) print meter goods that make such incredible tablecloths. I had a friend buy one right off my dining room table.
    - 01 46 06 92 25 - 01 46 06 92 25.

    Hope you're having a super time!

    Sharon in CR

  3. Sharon! We are going to spend a day in Montmartre and do remember

    1. The fabric shops. I will be on the lookout for some vinyl- great idea!!

      Elliot wants to come back to Costa Rica. That's ghat be next!

  4. Wishing you and your family the most amazing trip, Amy! I am exceedingly jealous (in the nicest possible way!) and look forward to keeping up with your journey, through your blog and letters!!

    Hana xo


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