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Monday, July 15, 2013

why i love to paint

it makes me look at objects and light so closely

it is slow

mixing colors is meditative

my kids come join me

it preserves a moment

the tactile, messiness of it

it reminds me that we all see things through a different lens

it is relaxing and productive

it allows me to set goals for more complicated pieces

being an amateur is such a sweet place to be

my expectations are so low it is easy to surpass them

there is no reason to do it other than choice

what is your guilty pleasure? what do you love to do for no other reason other than you love to do it? leave a message in the comments...


  1. Lovely post. I left my comment on FB but I will leave it here too. I run.
    It helps me think
    My husband and kids join me some times
    I like to feel my muscles work
    I like to feel the rhythm of my shoes on the ground
    I love to be outside
    It helps me work through life's troubles
    It is something I did not think I could do
    I can measure my progress
    Runners are happy people that wave hello
    The t-shirts are fun

    1. thanks Julie! I love this. Makes me want to run :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! I have recently found painting as a way to process and relieve stress. It's something I never thought I would find enjoyment in. You said this perfectly.
    I also love to read. It takes me away without having to do any of the planning, packing, or considering of others (which often seems to be my biggest stress).

    Awesome post!

  3. thanks Chrissy! i love discovering new things to try and am amazed when one of them "sticks" (like painting)

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  5. I knit
    The repetition is meditative
    The design makes me think
    The colors spark inspiration
    It feels good, soft and warm or smooth and cool
    I can give hugs that people I love can wear
    You can take it apart and create something new
    Knitting is portable and fun to share with others

    1. thank you! it is so important to have these things...

  6. I am so glad you found this in painting. Such joy! and wonder! I think for me it is both knitting and running. Both provide time for me to think and reflect. And both do have benefits which satisfies my type A personality.


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